We are a marketing agency that specialises in providing affordable and exceptional quality animated videos. Our aim is to design animated videos that will differentiate your company from both small and large competitors whilst ensuring that you reach your customers in an effective, engaging and memorable way.

Our Concept

It is a known fact that there are a lot of options to choose from when deciding how to market your business. Animated Videos (also called Animated Explainer Videos or Animated Marketing Videos) are not something that should be ignored. In reality, the Facts and Benefits clearly highlight that video marketing will grow at an extremely fast and high rate and will become the marketing programme of choice to marketers and companies alike.

Potential customers don’t want to read through pages of boring text anymore. Apart from the fact that it can be daunting and frustrating, there is also not enough time in a day. We are all barraged by content and marketing messages from multiple sources and frankly, there is just not enough time to read it all.

Animated videos are a great tool that will not only engage your prospects in a fun and meaningful way, but they will remain interested as your message is delivered through animation as opposed to text or boring graphics.

Video marketing is now the single fastest growing segment of Internet with more than half of all web traffic being video.

Usually, for a small and medium sized business, the marketing budget is limited and the thought of reaching thousands of potential customers might seem impossible. But, with animated video it is not only possible, but you will achieve this without shattering your budget to pieces.

Why go at it alone? Animazing is here to help!

We follow an extremely structured client engagement process. We will be with you in the beginning, middle and at the end of the process. We approach your project from a standpoint ofsound strategy development. This approach ensures open lines of communication with our clients and predictable project deliverables and timeframes.

Our Animation Process

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